I Am Looking for a Rehabilitation House for Alcohol Addiction. What Are Benefit Doing Recovery?

alcohol addiction rehabilitation
by tlupic

Question by Vivianna: I am looking for a rehabilitation house for alcohol addiction. What are benefit doing recovery?
in sober house?

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Answer by SeeInElle
I’m going to go ahead and guess the other five questions that were posted around the same time this was and concern alcohol recovery houses (and are all in poor English) are also by you.

What are the benefits of recovery in a sober house?

You will have more support and will be exposed more to recovery…the rest of your questions I cannot understand because they are in broken English. I’d suggest you post your questions in your native language on the appropriate Yahoo Answers website.

No one will really be able to understand the questions you asked like “How to get best half way house” or “How long do usually people with drugs or alcohol addiction achieve their goal in recovery house sand How much it cost.” <-- Not only is this vague, because different recovery houses cost drastically different amounts I really do not understand what the first part of the question is asking. How long to achieve what goals??? Then there is another, very poorly written question that is just an advertisement for a website about half way houses....my point is you should start to ask questions in your native language.

Answer by Eva
based on my experience doing drug recovery, most of sober houses are privately owened and will be directly for service. The good news is some sober houses or halfway homes do accept insurance paiments or even medicaid.

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