I Can’t Sleep, Have Any Ideas or Ways for Cure?

Question by xrods: I can’t sleep, have any ideas or ways for cure?
Last summer, I was experiencing this four days straight. I mean, I try to force myself to sleep (count sheeps even) but still ends up short. The clock strikes 7 am but I’m still not sleepy, my “sleepiness” would trigger at around noon.

Any ideas on how to cure this “disorder”?

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Answer by missy
try to regulate your sleeping hours.. like going to bed early and getting up early. and avoid naps in the middle of the day.

try to stop any drinks that make you up like coffee or tea..

have a hot bath before going to bed.. this might help

try to listen to some soft music and read while in bed.

Answer by leon l
haha you just need to migrate to the country that is 12hours behind yours. Just kidding.

First you have to understand the reason why you can’t sleep at night. Thinking of something? or things troubling you?

If none of the above, routine exercise in the day time might help. Else consult specialist doctor.

I do understand it’s painful for not able to sleep at night.
Hope you find a way soon.

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