Do Any of You Women Have to Stay by Yourselfs During the Evening/night?

Question by marisol2626: Do any of you women have to stay by yourselfs during the evening/night?
My husband works second shift, I work first. I have two young boys, one of six and a half and the other is two and a half. I always get soooo nervous when my husband and I are going to live by ourselves because that means that I will have to stay by myself in the evenings with my two boys.We are moving to an apartment next week and were currently living with my Mother and Father. I suffered through “Post Partum Depression/Anxiety” a couple of years ago, but I do not take any medication anymore, because I realized that that was just not me and I had to appreciate life more and appreciate what I had.I get so freak’n mad at myself when I get nervouse and scared, I mean, I think, “I have God with me in my thoughts and heart, why am I scared?” I practically would have to stay alone from like 6:00pm-1:00am when my husband gets home.All I do now is just think about that, and it makes me sick.I just think that I will never overcome this feeling that I have and my husband cant always understand

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Answer by Allie
yeah i am a single mom of 3 and so we are alone alot but i keep a knife under mattress, the couch, and i have a key chain alarm that you press and it is loud as heck. so i feel safe. just dont be telling anyone you are there alone. some one could here that you dont want to hear.

Answer by kgarver82
Oh sweetie, you will be fine! Believe me once you get this alone time you will learn to cherish it! You can sit in peace paint your nails, read a book, play an online game, stretch out over the bed by yourself and not have to hear him snore!

Yes you will miss him I’m sure, but I think that you will find that some time to yourself is just what you needed!

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