I Am Looking for a Treatment of Emotional Crying for My Wife?

Question by AK: I am looking for a treatment of emotional crying for my wife?
My wife lost her mom at a early age and had lot of problems with her upbringing. she is too emotional about every thing. simple things from food to cloths she has a strong ego about it. she starts crying the second she is in pressure . which has not only effected me but also her work. not she is expecting a baby and i am really worried for her.
she believe that she a very strong mentally but she is not. Giving any advice to her is like making a kid eat medicine very very difficult.
I have lived with this for last 4 years and feel like a caretaker then husband.
I have tried making her enviroment more comfortable. tried st john worth I believe worked but felt like a days job make her take it.
Please suggest me what you think i can do

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Answer by Laura E
Have you guys ever had her evaluated for depression? A combination of counseling and treatment for depression (if it is diagnosed) may be appropriate. I am suggesting the counseling because of the problems with her upbringing. Because she is pregnant now and will have to deal with hormones, you are right about the mood swings. You could set aside time to talk and let her know about your concerns and the effects on the baby. Be loving and supportive, but let her know how serious your concerns are and be firm about seeking a resolution. You guys could even go to her next prenatal appointment together and speak to her doctor about the issue. I wish you both (and the baby) well.

Answer by dlmrgnk
It sounds very much as though you haven’t been successful telling her to get over it and get strong and now you want someone else to succeed by telling her the same thing. Hasn’t worked for you and won’t work in the future. YOU can’t do a damn thing to solve her problems. Only she can do that. So, butt out. That doesn’t mean you must accept the situation–far from it. She must be responsible for her mental condition. My thought would be that you are enabling her much as one would enable an alcoholic–you cover for her, urge her to do what she needs to do etc. If she can’t function, make her responsible for the bad things that happen. You may have to get to the point that you tell her to move out or you move out if you can’t deal with it. Let her know you’ll help her get help but she’s got to decide to do it. I suggest a therapist or counselor in the mental health field.


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