How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety, Without Medication and Seeking Help?

Question by COYSpurs: How to overcome depression and anxiety, without medication and seeking help?
i suffer from depression and anxiety, its not constant but it happens now again when things start to get hard in life
dont tell me to see a doctor cos ive did everything and everything in my power to cure my depression, im alright now at present but it is likely to happen again in future.

people usually say depression and anxiety can always be cured. i want to know without medication and seeking help is there any other way that depression and anxiety can be cured.

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Answer by Granny
I struggle with the same thing everyday. I found the website has alot of tips. You should check it out. The same person who has the website also wrote a book called Potatoes Not Prozac. I follow it and it’s worked for me. Good Luck!

Answer by Jen
some things you can try include exercise, reading self help sorts of books, writing down your feelings, meditation/ yoga etc.
if your depression and anxiety are due to chemical imbalances though, as opposed to stress the above strategies may not be helpful for you.. so i would recommend talking to someone ie a counsellor/ psychologist. I used to be really against the idea of talking to someone and thought it would be really embarrasing, but i’ve been seeing a psychologist now for almost 4 months and it’s really not that bad! it’s actually good to talk to someone who is balanced and trained.

good luck


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