How Was Your Eating as a Kid Growing Up?

Question by Melissa: How was your eating as a kid growing up?
First off, I am recovering from an eating disorder and I am asking this because I am analyzing my own habits as a child growing up BEFORE my eating disorder. I don’t even think I know what normal eating is…my psychologist wanted me to analyze how I used to eat and see how normal and “non-disordered” it was.

I used to be VERY overweight growing up. I have always been larger and I believe that to be mostly correlated with my eating habits as a kid. My parents fed me HUGE portions and once I was old enough to cook on my own (12+ mostly) I started making my meals like that too. An example would be that I would eat SIX scrambled eggs with cheese and toast for breakfast…I am 5’9 tall and I was 220 pounds by the time I was 16. I am 120 pounds now and very underweight because I do have a naturally large bone frame.

I have been watching how my parents eat now and I am starting to think it is more disordered than I ever recognized. My mom skips breakfast, eats a TINY and unhealthy “lunch” (like a candy bar or one fast food burger or a piece of cake), then eats a GINORMOUS dinner…huge steaks that are bigger than most restaurant sizes, large baked potato drenched in butter/sour cream, and lots of french bread. She is a healthy, normal weight somehow. My dad usually eats a large and healthy breakfast, skips lunch, then has a healthy dinner (but HUGE portions, much like my mom). Now that I am trying to recover, I am having such a hard time eating “five healthy small meals a day” like my dietician tells me too…I think that may have to do a lot with my habits growing up but I am not entirely sure.

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Answer by Dan
Honestly this sounds a lot like my life. I’m 14 now so i’m still a kid and i’ve been overwright for a long time. I wouldn’t say that i’m morbidly obese because i know i’m not that fat. My mum also has really bad eaing patterns. My parents also cook me abnormally big meals and i’m actualy someone with. Really small appetite. I’ve recently started working out in hope i can get healthier. I’ve always hated vegetables but hey i’m still a kid. 😛

Answer by Draco
Dear Mellisa,

You must do these exercises to correct your posture and grow taller to lose the weight proportionally.

Support Groups
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