How to Tell My Parents I Need to See a Psychologist?

Question by Marty: How to tell my parents i need to see a psychologist?
Well for the longest time ive been depressed, its gotten to the point where I’m dissociated with my emotions and i dont even feel anything anymore, I’m just either down or melancholy. I dont feel happy, empathetic, guilty, or anything really. Except for extreme anger and at times extreme sadness. Its such ****, and to top it off I’m pretty sure I have borderline personality disorder, i know the whole “fear the self diagnosis” thing but Ive checked the dsm and I literally match most of the symptoms except for the self harming. Everyday is a living hell and I cant get through half the day without already being emotionally exhausted. I’ve been like this since I was maybe 12, im 17 now. I’m just tired of wearing a mask for my friends and family and if i dont get help soon I feel like I’m just going to flat out blow my head off with a gun because suicidal thoughts are all I’ve been thinking. I just cant find the courage to tell my parents and get help, theyre already dealing with a lot and I dont want to add to it. what do i do????

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Answer by ashley
Just tell them they are ur parents they will help u they have to its against the law to abuse a child!

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