Good Old Washington DC. Don’t You Just Love It When the Politicos Get Caught?

Question by rarefind: Good Old Washington DC. Don’t You Just Love It When the Politicos Get Caught?
WASHINGTON – Former Rep. Mark Foley under FBI investigation for e-mail exchanges with teenage congressional pages, has checked himself into a rehabilitation facility for alcoholism treatment and accepts responsibility for his actions, his attorney said Monday.

“I strongly believe that I am an alcoholic and have accepted the need for immediate treatment for alcoholism and other behavioral problems,” Foley said in a statement, Roth told the AP.

And Tony Snow, White Press Secretary says with a smile:
“Oh, this was just a matter of a few “naughty” e-mails

And so now, Foley sees the need for alcohol rehabilitation, because he “likes teenage boys”
omg! this is so ridiculous !

And Debra LaFave sees the need for treatment for her
“bipolar” because she likes a 14 year old boy
omg this is so ridiculous !

Too bad Clinton didn’t see the need for “bj obsession treatment”
because he liked bj’s.
omg this is so ridiculous !

Excuses, excuses excuses !
Washington !
Ah Fruitsna.
I know yu feel a need to vent sometimes. But this is politics..not what your man did or did NOT do. So listen. I’m 23 and a female. Not promiscuous. But I tell you men are ENTIRELY different from women. A man might get horny 50 – 60 times a day. It’s not that he doesn’t love his wife, if he has one; he just wants a new experience. That’s the ‘dog’ in a man. And Most just can’t help it. Most are just plain dogs! Your husband may well have still loved you. Never know…Just accept iiittt! And if he ever comes crawing back, taaakkke him! No matter who he was with, no matter how many times, he was still YOUR husband. Not hers.
Remember that.

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Answer by wealthsim123
It’s crazy what these people do and yet, we vote for them too!

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