How to Stop Binge Eating – Getting Support for Your Binge Eating Recovery


How to Stop Binge Eating – Getting Support for Your Binge Eating Recovery – In part 4 of the how to stop binge eating series, the focus is on getting support for your binge eating disorder recovery and connecting with life, people and getting out of the isolation of the eating disorder. The task for the week is to find 3-5 people to support you through your binge eating disorder recovery, and make daily contact with them. Binge eating disorders are nothing t be ashamed of. It is a disease and it wants to isolate you, which is why connecting with others, sharing your experience and also helping others is so vital to eating disorder recovery and achieving full freedom. For more information about how to recover from all eating disorders, including binge eating disorder, visit


Spring is coming

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It's also hard not to binge on lots of carbs and sugar this time of year. Oh, who am I kidding? Any time of year really. But while it's hard to control cravings, we need to remember and recognize just how good our bodies feel when we fuel them with …
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Chocolate-covered Candied Orange Peels

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I've been on something of a grapefruit binge lately and originally wanted to experiment with candied grapefruit peel as an alternative means of ingesting my new favorite fruit. To my dismay, I learned that grapefruit peel is extremely bitter, and thus …
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