How to Overcome Depression = Become Super-Active!


How To Overcome Depression = Become Super-Active! – Overcome Depression By Getting Busy. Become a person of action. What is your passion?. What do you enjoy doing on a daily basis that is not negative?. Whatever it is you enjoy doing, up the ante. Do it more often. A person of action really never is depressed especially if they are enjoying what they are doing. If you are in a job or business that you do not enjoy, get out of it. Your mental health is far more important than a career that you are not enjoying. If you have too much fear to make clean break, then do something part time a long with your full time job. Overcoming depression is easy when you are doing something that you enjoy or hanging around people that are positive.. Become a leader in your own life and deal with depression. The less time one has to think negatively, the better.. When you look back at your life, you will be most satisfied usually with your family and your work.. If your work is depressing you – make plans to exit it and find something more fulfilling..


Your Turn: Newtown shootings, Dec. 23

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The study found depression, antisocial personality traits, exposure to violence in the home and peer influences to be predictors of aggressive behavior. There has been a marked increase in the number of violent video games purchased by youths over the …
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The dopamine side(s) of depression

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One person will eat more, sleep all the time, move slowly. Another will eat almost nothing, never sleep, and be irritable and nervous. They are both depressed. The only universal symptom is the feeling of…depression, and the need for successful …
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Campaign targets depression, anxiety, and suicide with humor

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DENVER – State officials in Colorado are trying a humorous approach to help men deal with anxiety, depression, and suicidal tendencies. Mantherapy is a campaign targeted at working-age men in Colorado. The campaign centers around Dr. Rich Mahogany, …


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