How to Keep Out of Depression?

Question by Phate: How to keep out of depression?
Lately I have been feeling very down, and everything seems so monotone and the same. I go to school everyday and then come home. I don’t do anything really besides that. All my friends pretty much ignore me once were out of school (and sometimes even in school) because their always out doing things together while I’m slowly being pushed out of the picture. I’m not allowed to have any friends over and I’m not allowed to go with them to the places they go… I feel like I’m stuck. I’m too young to drive and my parents refuse to take me anywhere. Yet I’m four years older then my sister and my parents shower her in attention and give her everything she wants – she’s allowed to go out with friends, she’s gets driven to go out places all the time! I’m not even allowed to go past my driveway, so basically I’m confined to my house 24/7. It’s eating away at my sanity, all I do is stare at the computer screen because I always finish my schoolwork so fast, I can’t stay stuck here anymore! My parents don’t listen, my friends think I complain too much and that I’m always just making excuses as to why I can’t hang out and such and I just can’t take it anymore! I’m slipping further and further into this depressed, vegetable-type state and I hate it. What should I do? I really just need some help here…

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Answer by petee p
Visit for online support.. Also if ur selfesteem is very low right now. U need to find ways to improve it, look online for tips. Also try learning and doing new things; start small and this will give u a sense of achievement. .. Visit to talk to a free online councellor.. Look up exercise and depression online it releases endorfins which improve mood and brain chemistry. and Art Therapy; channelling what ur feeling into something creative helps ur brain process the negativity in ur head: a good technique is to doodle when thinking about the things that depress u, doodling brings ur thoughts into the present and stops u dwelling on the things that depress u. also find some volunteer work; helping others or nature builds selfesteem, gives life new meaning gives perspective and good karma… u dont have to believe in god but finding some spirituality can really help and good karma is a good start… basically research all u can on depression then when u find things that help come on here and share with the other deprrssed people, more good karma. Why not join clubs groups and activities in ur community where you ll meet like minded people. Or challenge urself by joining groups u wouldnt normally be interested in.  good luck and dont be afraid of going to ur doctor, be totally honest and they ll understand and be able to help; medication or a change of medication can work wonders, like lifting a weight from ur shoulders.

Answer by Helpful Guy
I have been diagnosed by more than one psychiatrist with Major Depression. Before I started on medication to help me, I used to stay in bed all day. All I wanted to do was curl up into a little ball and let the whole world go on without me. I wouldn’t be able to shower for days at a time. I thought pessimistically about everything. I was extremely angry towards my ex-wife for kidnapping my children and moving all the way to Florida with them. I mean, I was so angry that I had thoughts of buying a gun and shooting her! All day, all I thought about was how much I hated her. I had to be prescribed medication called antidepressants. My whole personality changed when I started taking them. My ex-wife didn’t bother me, I wanted to go out of the house in the morning, and it felt good to take a shower and change into clean clothes everyday. I began to think optimistically about everything! So, go see a psychiatrist. A psychologist cannot prescribe meds to you, however a psychiatrist can. If you think that the world is too much to handle and you feel overwhelmed with life, then maybe inpatient treatment in the psychiatric unit at a hospital for a little while will help you get better! I’ve been in a psych unit before and it really helped me a lot!

Also, try changing your perspective on things. I would try to have GRATITUDE for all the things I do have. This works for me all the time. When I start comparing my life to other people who have it better than me, and I think how terrible my life is, I remember that there are people in the country of Syria in the Middle East who are being bombed! There are bullets flying through their living rooms as they’re watching TV! Is where you are safe? You are very fortunate. You should have GRATITUDE for that. Say to yourself: “I am fortunate that I’m not being bombed. I have it better than those poor people in Syria.”

There are people right now in the country of India who don’t even have a place to defecate! These people don’t have a bathroom in their tiny shacks. They pull down their pants on the railroad tracks and they do their business on the tracks! There is no sewer system in many towns and villages. Do you have a bathroom with a toilet? You are very fortunate. You should be GRATEFUL for that. Say to yourself: “I have it better than those poor people in India.”

Did you know that in the country of Somalia in Africa that the children and their teenage parents are literally dying? Young children are skeletons with skin on them! Their mothers hold them because they are so hungry and weak. There is no food. Do you have food? Are you hungry right now? You are very fortunate. Say to yourself: “I am GRATEFUL that I have plenty of food to eat. I have it better than those poor people in Somalia who are starving to death.”

Please try to think about what you have and then have GRATITUDE, okay? I’ll see you tomorrow, right?

If you go on the internet, you can SEARCH for phone numbers to FREE COUNSELORS who can listen to you anytime of the day or night! Go to any search engine and just type in “free counseling hotline”… (I’m not allowed to tell you the numbers because it will violate the Answers Community Guidelines and/or Yahoo! Terms of Service.)


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