How to Identify and Treat Depression


How to identify and treat Depression – What is depression? what are its symptoms? What is the biology behind it? How can it be treated – medicinally or by cognitive behavioral therapy? What lays in the future of depression? A 9min film, interviewing Three of Israel’s most known researches in the field elaborate about the disease, with the use of easily understood graphics and animations. This film was produced by the Chief Scientist Office of the Israeli Ministry of Health in the framework of ERA-NET NEURON, a pan European organization which receives funding under the Sixth Research Framework Programme (FP6) of the European Union. It is provided as a service to the public. Visit us at : Film made by Alon Levi ( Creative Common BY SA http


Magnetic brain stimulation helps treat depression

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While powerful magnetic stimulation of the frontal lobe of the brain can alleviate symptoms of depression, those receiving the treatment did not report effects on sleep or arousal commonly seen with antidepressant medications, Georgia Health Sciences …
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Magnet-Induced Seizures Treat Depression

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The treating team: Anne Maree Clinton, Kate Hoy and Paul Fitzgerald with the MST In an Australian first, researchers are studying Magnetic Seizure Therapy (MST) as an alternative treatment for the 30 percent of patients suffering from depression who …
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