Binge Eating Help: How to Stop Compulsive Eating – Step 1 of Hunger Directed Eating


Binge Eating Help: How to stop compulsive eating – Step 1 of Hunger Directed Eating – How to stop binge eating by releasing restriction. This is step 1: Eat when you feel physically hungry. Compulsive eating is soothed when we release external rules and get back to gently responding to our body’s signals of when what and how much to eat. Enjoy! We cove the first step of Hunger Directed Eating (similar to Intuitive Eating) “Eat when you feel physically hungry” + how can I tell if I’m physically hungry + how to tell the difference between real hunger and fake hunger + how to use “the hunger tool” + we address the 2 concerns that pop up around this topic


Addiction Drug Could Curb Binge Eating

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A medication used to ease the cravings of people addicted to drugs or alcohol also may help curb binge eating, a new study in animals suggests. For the study, rats were turned into binge eaters ? consuming about four times as much food as other rats …


Placebo Produces Better BingeEating Outcomes Than Antidepressants

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Some research has suggested that antidepressants could help reduce BED, but few studies have compared the effectiveness of CBT alone to CBT with antidepressants. To fill this void in research, Carlos M. Grilo of the Department of Psychiatry at Yale …
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Patients Often Find Getting Coverage For Eating Disorders Is Tough

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Turner was suffering from binge eating disorder—a mental health condition that includes significant overeating brought on by depression and other emotional issues, according to mental health experts. She has been treated for the condition … In …
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