How Much $(Avg) Does a Month Cost for Inpatient Treatment for Alcohol/drug Dependency Programs?

Question by duppypog: How much $ (avg) does a month cost for inpatient treatment for alcohol/drug dependency programs?
I have finally made the long overdue decision to seek help for my addiction. Thus far, I’ve officially inquired about only 1 facility, after checking my insurance, they said it didn’t cover much and pretty much said good luck. I know that my insurance covers up to 7,800 for IP chemical dependency, is that not a lot to work with? I don’t need super fancy, but would like to find one w/ a good reputation that is also somewhat aesthetically pleasing. Are there any organizations that are able to point me in the right direction of prospective treatment centers that best suite my needs, financially and mentally. Due to the severity, AA meetings and/or OP treatment would not be enough initally. I need a complete change of environment and lifestyle. Also, I know that I’ve got other psychological issues to deal with and just quitting won’t be enough, but am aware that it is forefront. Do they even have concurrent programs of that nature? Help, I need a treatment center match-maker!
Thanks everyone. I like the idea of going out of the country but that may be a bit unrealistic for myself. I can’t afford that and I doubt that’s part of the out of network provision. My insurance is through an airline so ya never, but I doubt it.
I will have to google Narconon b/c I have no idea what that is. I’m going to check out the intervention sight and ironically that’s what made me think of a treatment matchmaker. I really thought that admitting this shameful, embarrassing defect would be the toughest part, but I was wrong. I just cannot bare the thought of asking my recently retired parents to spend such a significant amount of money for something that is not even guaranteed. Also, they say those closest usually know and I believe they do to a certain degree but I’ve gone to extraordinary length to hide this. My parents would be so embarrassed and ashamed of me, so I would rather not get them involved.

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Answer by hairy armpits
read the overcoming series on they are written by experts using cognitive therapy and much cheaper

Answer by lil sammy
It is actually quite pricey. That’s one reason I’m on the outside trying to do it myself. Which is failing by the way.
First off, good work on recognizing the needs you have for recovery. I did admit myself briefly to a top program in my region for $ 350 a day and found the care inadequate. Strange tranquilizers, being shoved by nurses, etc. I was yelled at for sitting near a window for sunshine 🙁
I’m currently looking into traveling to Asia for programs. I used to live in Thailand and heard of great wellness centers. apparently nearby docs can provide Xanax and such for withdrawal.
I will come back in a bit and post a link.
I know it’s not for everyone, but if you have a sense of humor and an adventurous spirit, it may be for you.
Prices are about $ 3000 a month plus travel.
Maybe you’ll see me alky dotoxing under a tree. I’ll be short, blond headed and shaking.
they’ll do detox on request

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