How Is Marijuanna Bad for You?

Question by luke: how is marijuanna bad for you?
ive tried it. ive felt happier. it helped me gain weight. my iq is fine. i dont feel self-concious. but with all the anti-weed stuff going on, im beggining to believe it my self. actually, i have no idea to belive. after an hour or so of research, this is what i now know. doesnt really help.-

one joint=5 ciggarets
one joint=11.5 ciggarets
one joint=25 ciggarets
“weed is less harmful the aclchol/tobaco”
“weed causes depression”
“weed cures depression”
“weed causes pycosis”
“ive smoked 3-4 joints a day for 20 years and my iq is genius”
“weed causes anxiety”
“weed lowers stress”
“weed affects dopamine levels” (so happy is a negative side effect?)
“weed causes cancer”
“weed helps cancer patients”
“weed causes high risk for heart attacks”
“weed widens artery vains and lowers choleterol”
“…marijuanna is proven by research to be harmful”
“marijuanna statistics are guesstimates”
“research on marijuanna is un-realistic”

so what do i believe? i mean really?
and of course these are not exact quotations, just very similiar. i did not bother to leave 8+ web pages open to leave exact quotes
to the “it makes you stupid”
one of the smartest people i know has ‘tried’ marijuanna, and has very intelligent insight on life. and he is also a genius at math, and is a very social, respectable person
and of course.. i have quotes for it
“it slows down the brain”
“it challenges the brain to use more nerve ways and passages.. so when short term effects are over..”
and im using formal language so i dont give out another excuse to call marijuanna bad

Best answer:

Answer by Mari C
In the long run, yes.

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