How Effective Are Conventional Depression Treatments?

Question by Cecilia: How effective are conventional depression treatments?
I’ve heard a doctor say (in a lecture) that pills can reverse the situation and that it’s just like a common cold… but I also hear people say they can’t quite get out of depression. There are people who never really get better. How does it work really?
Could dzerjb add an edit and give us an example of a self-treatment or placebo? Thank you!
Sabiyal, thanks for the advice. =) And hope you lose that morning tablet soon!
dzerjb, I’m just going to choose for best answers and if you come back to look at this question later, could you add an example of a self-treatment and/or a placebo for depression under comments? Thank you!

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Answer by ™||» ??oi o??ici??
Pills will help lighten depression.
Trust me.
some pills contain chemicals that yuur brain reacts to.

But to help yuu be less depressed,
hold on to the blessings yuu have,
a home, clothes, food, etc.
Be thankful for what yuu already have.
And at least yuur not a starving child,
or a pregnant 14 year old.
if they can make it,
so can yuu.

Answer by Pico
I can only try to answer your question based on my experience. I have Psychotic Major Depression with a severe anxiety disorder. The anxiety and psychosis are completely under control with medication. My depression does not seem to ever go away. I’ve tried many antidepressants and none really seem to work properly. The best I’ve felt was living with minor/medium depression, which still sucks.

The strange thing is that Lamictal is working well for my depression. So far it’s been the best med I’ve tried. It’s a mood stabilizer with some antidepressant qualities usually given to people with bipolar which I do NOT have. For some reason, it’s helping a lot with my severe depression. No one thought to give it to me until recently because it’s mainly used for mood swings which I’ve never had a problem with. I feel better than ever now but still have minor depression.

So, I guess my answer is I don’t believe anyone really knows how it all works. It seems to be trial and error.

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