Binge Eating Disorder?

Question by Jen: Binge eating disorder?
I am an 18 year old female, 5’0, about 20 pounds over the “normal” weight for my height (I was an athlete all my life until my junior year in high school and used to be very muscular but have since lost that muscle). I’m not obese and probably would not even be considered overweight by appearance. I have been trying to knock off those twenty pounds for a couple years but never seem to keep up with it. However, I have a concern. When I am not dieting, I tend to go crazy with my eating. I am a vegetarian and a generally quite healthy eater, but I have occasions where I cannot seem to stop eating. Luckily, this doesn’t happen every day (as I am usually trying to lose weight), but I find myself eating when I’m not hungry, even when I’m already full and have reached satiety. I find myself thinking, “Well, you’ve ruined your diet for the day anyway, might as well eat as much as you want.” This, of course, is really hindering my ability to lose the weight I’d like to. It’s becoming a concern. What should I do? How can I stop this?
I should also add that I am in no way anorexic or bulimic. I never NEVER purged. Though after each binge, I do feel disgusted with myself. Also, I’m not looking for any supplements. If anything, just natural ways to lose the weight (though I know that reducing calories and increasing exercise is the best option).

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Answer by Paramjit
Emotional eating is always a challenge. If you do not have any extreme conditions, just being aware of what you are doing could help you get a hold of your eating habits. For more information and a detailed description, this article may help :

Here is another article that may be helpful. Stopping to think before eating anything at all helps a lot of people ;

Science is showing that meditation is becoming very effective in controlling emotions, in particular emotional eating. If you are interested to learn more, read this at

Answer by babette
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