How Do I Stop Worrying About Death and Losing Someone?

Question by Colm: How do I stop worrying about death and losing someone?
My grandmother is sick in hospital, now she’s getting better but very slowly and we don’t even know when she’ll be getting out of the hospital yet. But she’s in her late 80s now and her being in the hospital makes me worry that she won’t be around forever. I’m not only worried about her, but it also gives me the idea that everyone who I care about won’t live forever either. And this makes me worry about someone either a family member or a friend or even a celebrity who I admire dying sooner or later and this sometimes leads me into a state of depression.

Best answer:

Answer by J
Just treasure the time you have with the now and make some memories 🙂

Answer by Jesse
Don’t think of it, Everyone worries about these things, I do.


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