How Do I Go About Getting Myself Into a Psych Ward in Florida?

Question by Taylor: How do I go about getting myself into a psych ward in Florida?
I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety disorder in august this year. I always knew I was depressed or sad or whatever you want to label it. I always knew I had anxiety. But I went to the local hospital for four days to be supervised because when I went in with a bad panic attack and thinking I was dying, they saw cuts on my wrists, and noticed I wasn’t eating well. I got a psychiatrist and counselor afterwards. I am seventeen. I’m curious about any psych wards or “mental hospitals” or some place I can go to. I need to escape and rest and get some kind of help, daily. I feel trapped in this house and I feel alone and my mother is annoyed and upset with me for being so sad all the time. Are there any wards or anything in Florida? I’m in the central part. What would I need to do to go there for a bit? Should I mention this to my counselor or psychiatrist ? thanks..

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Answer by TweetyBird
Have you considered checking yourself into Club Med?

Answer by Naguru
Step-by-step in a gradual manner. Slow and steady wins the race. Haste makes waste. First take moral support from all your near and dear friends and relatives. Request them to accompany you to a specialist doctor, who is professionally qualified. Act further based on the advice of the specialist Doctor.


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