Can Kids Get Schizophrenia?

Question by Carmen: Can kids get schizophrenia?
I have a student that has multiple imaginary friends and he’s in the fouth grade, can this kid have schizophrenia?

Best answer:

Answer by fungusbrains1
Kids can get it, but imaginary friends are normal at that age. If he has no other symptoms, don’t worry. If he seems neurotic or does other unexplainable things, you might have him checked. I would first ask his teachers if he is exhibiting any unusual behavior for his age, because they know how boys normally act at that age.

Answer by yaelkole
Most kids are schizophrenic.
Its unfair for you label and ostracize an individual when the kid already has a tough time with an alcoholic dad and hapless mum.
His imaginary friends is all he’s got in the world.
Deal with it.


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