How Do I Get Out of My Depression?

Question by Amy: How Do I get Out Of my depression?
I want to get out of this hell hole called Depression. I don’t like feeling worthless, insecure, and wanting to commit suicide. I want to be that happy gamer girl who has lots of friends, and is always happy. Don’t even say “Counseling” They only say tell me more, or how do you feel about that. It’s annoying, I wanna die, please tell me how can I survive this game of society?

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Answer by mike
I’ve dealt with it too and I understand the need or desire to avoid therapy ! It can be very annoying at times!
One of the best things you can do is to educate yourself on depression and work your way out of it on your own because I agree sometimes therapists can complicate things!
There are many books out there like the feeling good handbook and a few others that should be able to help you .

Good luck !

Answer by Trillest ® #LoMd
{NOTICE: I am NOT going to bash you, tell you to go get therapy, insult you, tell you to smoke weed or go to God.

So, if that is what you are looking for, go ahead an keep reading if you wish.}

Group homes, alcoholic mother that walked, oxycontin, 7 years in a barrio, and believe it or not… I’m only fifteen. So I know how to play off this game of society.

How to survive this game of society? We are pawns, you have little control about external forces when it comes to this dimension of the world.

However, you DO have control of the choices and life you would like to have and ways of manifesting it. You yearn, “I want to get out of this hell hole called Depression.”

You can get anything you want in the world… anything. It’s kind of like… manifestation. It is not magic; it is a process of working with natural principles and laws in order to translate energy from one level of reality to another.

Like… I have an idea. That idea exists as mental energy.

I write the idea as a play. Now, it exists in physical form in print. The implication here is that the thing that was manifested was already there; it just wasn’t visible.

Now, you have to make that goal clearly visible and in reach.
Not knowing your situation, I can tell you only very little, but manifesting is a journey that will require to take time and effort. Unfortunately, only you can gift yourself, since you were created with personal life plans that are not parallel to anybody else’s, therefore they can’t tell you how to figure it out since how would they know how to revolve around such a new, novel soul call you? It’s never really been seen, so it’s unexplored territory for now.

They can only support you through the way.

Do you really want to get out of this pit hole?

Then do it.

If you want, go ahead and ask me a few Q’s about whatever you want.

It’s anonymous. —>


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