Hope for ED (Eating Disorders)


Hope for ED (Eating Disorders) – This is the entry document video for a Health project entitled, “Hope for Ed”. This project was created by Bridget Wildschuetz to address Health TEKS related…


Can Social Networks Tackle Unhealthy Body Images Without Resorting To
Instead of asking for those sites to be banned or de-listed, however, activists are asking for a banner to be displayed with information for a helpline and recovery support at the top of results to eating disorder queries. This move is not … Read more on ThinkProgress

Emily Deschanel Pregnant: Vegan Diet Shouldn't Be So "Controversial" While
The backlash against Deschanel has largely directed from those who find veganism to be unnatural, arguing the "extreme" diet to be an eating disorder in disguise. The science of eating, however, proves the criticism to be flat-out wrong. Not only is it … Read more on PolicyMic

The Creation of Disease
Or the American Psychiatric Association declares that, as of May 22, 2013, Asperger's syndrome will no longer be a disease but “binge eating disorder,” which occurs when you eat, “in a two-hour period, an amount of food that is definitely more than … Read more on New Yorker (blog)