How Do Children Induce Vommiting Without Nausia?

Question by Wolf: How do children induce vommiting without nausia?
I could not do it if I tried.
But parents have often claimed that children can decide to vommit. How?

I sumised that it is emotionally driven, because when emotional stress effects you it can make a person vommit (probably because of the epinephrine excess).

Do they cough, or does there brain not work the same as an adults or how?

Scientifically explain this to me?
Without your finger being put down your throat

Best answer:

Answer by sage seeker
ANY one can induce vomiting without nausea [btw, see how the words are spelled!]…all you have to do is stick your finger down your throat

Answer by silverbirch
Oh yeah, they’re great at it.

Stress will cause vomiting. The stomach just lightens the load as digestion take a lot of blood away from the brain and muscles.

I think children just down have the calm down self control of adults. They tend to get in to a cycle.

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