Holidays and Celebrations and ED


Holidays and celebrations and ED – Tired of having ED (eating Disorders) joining you for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Want your son/daughter ‘back’ from depression, anxiety–controlling the entire family at family gatherings? Do you desire better quality family time? Do you want to kick ED out the door? Are you fed up enough to make some changes that will bring your child back? Contact us through FACEBOOK: For more information go to and our FB page


Stopping Eating Disorders by Going After the 'Thin Ideal'
Stice, a senior research scientist at the Oregon Research Institute, is the lead author of The Body Project, an eating disorders prevention program that targets high school and college students and which has resulted in a 60 percent reduction in onset … Read more on Duke University

University of Northern Colorado Women's Resource Center brings eating
Eating Disorder Awareness Week came to campus last week with the intention of encouraging students to examine the way eating disorders can severely affect one's chances of happy and healthy living. The UNC Women's' Resource Center and counseling … Read more on University of Northern Colorado The Mirror

Five easy ways to slash your risk of early death
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