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Eating disorders affect millions
“Some warning signs of an eating disorder,” explained professional counselor Jennifer Gordon, “are obsessions with food, nutrition, diet, rapid increase or decrease of weight, constant calorie counting or dieting, and compulsive exercise.” Kellie Lehto … Read more on

Active Minds hosts Pershall to combat mental illness stigmas
On Thursday night, Active Minds, a national student organization dedicated to removing the stigmas associated with mental illnesses, invited Pershall to tell her story during National Eating Disorder Week. Speaking to a full theater in Trabant … Read more on University of Delaware Review

Celebrity Eating Disorder Confessions: Inspiring or Dangerous?
"Our culture needs to think of thinness as a potential sign of disease," says Dr. Marcia Herrin, the founder of the Dartmouth College Eating Disorders Prevention, Education and Treatment Program, who now runs a private practice in New Hampshire. "And … Read more on