Her Cross to Bear: The Story Behind the Street Preacher Trying to Save UTC

Her cross to bear: The story behind the street preacher trying to save UTC
Street preacher Angela Cummings has waded through Seattle rainstorms and yelled over partygoers in New Orleans. She cleans her wiry brown hair in … Just meters away, students prepare for quarterly and final exams in the University Center and the … Read more on Chattanooga Times Free Press

Bulls prepare for life without Derrick Rose again
He's in good spirits, about as well as can be expected under the circumstances, and he's already thinking about his rehab. Typical Derrick. He's concerned about his team, his teammates." Rose has a medial meniscus tear, which is typically less serious … Read more on Seattle Post Intelligencer

Cocaine bust derails fledgling GOP congressman
… Republican — who supported drug testing for food stamp recipients and championed cuts in sheep-farm subsidies, of all things — pleaded guilty to cocaine possession, took a leave of absence from politics and checked into a Naples rehabilitation … Read more on Seattle Post Intelligencer