Can I Still Have Babies if I Have a Eating Disorder?

Question by Sophia: Can i still have babies if i have a eating disorder?
So my parents told me that I won’t be able to get pregnant and have kids if I don’t get help for my “eating disorder” that they say I have. Is that true or are they just trying to scare me into getting help??? Also I’m not planing on having babies anytime soon I want to finish school and find the right guy first i was just wondering.

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Answer by Nicole
It won’t be healthy for the baby an the baby may not make it without nutrients, or if you eat too much food it will make you gain weight and have a wry unhealthy pregnancy so you can still get pregnant but the baby will not be healthy.

Answer by LizB
They’re not wrong. I was bulimic as a teenager, and needed fertility treatments (which was NOT cheap) to conceive my son. My doctor said I had hormone imbalances and reduced ovarian reserve consistent with someone who had an eating disorder when they were younger. Basically, because I mistreated my body so badly when I was young, my ovaries think they’re older than the rest of me and don’t work as well as they should.

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