Help Getting Over “Eating Disorder”?

Question by Maira: Help getting over “eating disorder”?
I was never quite diagnosed with an “eating disorder” but I lost about 23 pounds in about 6 weeks and basically didnt eat anything. i maintaned it for about 5 months until my parents and teachers forced me to see a nutritionist and i was threatened to go to the hospital if i didnt follow the plan. i gained about 8-10 pounds back depending on how much i eat in a day,(im 5’5 and around 113ish) and im miserable.i miss how skinny i was and how i didnt have to worry about my body.i loved how my bones showed, and honestly i loved being the really skinny face was so skinny and now i feel like i have lost who i am by gaining back a little weight, and i constantly am stressing that maybe i ate too so angry towards my parents, friends and teachers who basically made me stop, i really coulda gone on forever maintaing how i use to.i just want to be normal and stop obsessing, and at the same time i wanna lose 15 pounds again.i feel like it looks like i just got weak and gave up and gained weight.i hate that so much.

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I think the best thing for you to do is get yourself into counseling. There you can talk about it and get the help you need. Also join group therapy there you can talk to people going through the same issues as you. Please be active in the sessions because then it will help you. Also for the weight gain its going to happen because your body is going to get use to you eating again. If you keep not eating and then eating you will have a yo yo weight. Which is never good. To get weight off and stay healthy do not diet. Just eat in moderation and exercise but not excessively. Eat 6 small meals throughout the day and you will see the change you need. I use to be a bulimic but I got better and I’m recovering now.

I wish you the best of luck.

Answer by aznangelbaby408
Why be mad at your parents, they just want the best for their own child, what you want isn’t even healthy for you, what’s the point of being frail, just eat normally and go with your parents plan. You shouldn’t starve yourself, if you are hungry or not you still need 3 meals a day with snacks in between those meals.


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