Does MLB Have a Comprehensive Set of Rules (Laws) That Includes Banned Steroids?

Question by Georgie: Does MLB have a comprehensive set of rules (laws) that includes banned steroids?
and other banned offenses?

Steroids, and other performance enhancing drugs have been around for a long time.
No one can say for sure even if great players in the 60’s and 70’s used steroids.
Amphetamines were popular in the 60’s, and of course alcohol is still used.
Alcohol being a stimulant in the early stages also relieves tensions and some pain.

Government laws should have no impact on the actions of MLB unless it is
specifically stated in MLB law. MLB law can cover a wide range of offenses by
stating that a player shall be penalized if they commit a felony. Obviously the
NFL has no such rule since Plaxico Burress can play after getting out of jail.

If MLB rules state that you can’t bet on baseball then don’t expect to go to the Hall
of Fame, even though no government laws were broken. If MLB law says a player
can’t use any type of amphetamine, then a player should be penalized by MLB if
amphetamines are detected in a blood test – – – – even if the player’s doctor
prescribed them to him.

The bottom line is that MLB needs to law down the law and continually update that
law as new drugs come into usage. They also need to test regularly players and
enforce their laws.

If someone admits to using a substance in the past, and there was no MLB rule
banning it at that time it was used, – – – then nothing should happen to the player.

It is the responsibility of MLB to establish and enforce its rules. If they do this the
fans support of management on this issue will be almost 100%.

Best answer:

Answer by Shea
Cheating in any form is against the rules. Since steroids are a performance enhancer and give you an unfair advantage, they are against the rules.

Answer by Bill
Placing bets with a “bookie” is illegal and possessing steroids is also a crime. Any major sport should not have to reiterate state and federal laws within their own set of rules.

I think if a player admits PED use in the past or present MLB should be able to take action against that player.


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