Healing Hands for Riozaan

Healing hands for Riozaan
I just help to heal people with gout, knee pains, depression, back and neck pains and other sicknesses. I don't use herbs or traditional methods,” the healer clarifies. Meanwhile, Moddesty says she wants her son to continue with Harmse's treatment and … Read more on Namibian

Healing Power of Herbs
… and premature ejaculation but excessive use of cardemon may prove even counter-productive, as it may cause impotency. Depression. Boil Cardemom seeds in water/tea – it will remove depression, apart from imparting aromatic effect and ordour to tea. Read more on SpeakingTree (blog)

7 ways to combat stress
You can also boost your diet with foods rich in folic acid, B vitamins, omega 3 and selenium, a lack of which has been associated with depression. " Limit caffeine and alcohol … Dr Sarah Brewer says: "There are a number of herbs that calm such as … Read more on FemaleFirst.co.uk

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