Finding Herself: Lang-Montgomery 'Needed Some Help' With Postpartum Depression

Finding herself: Lang-Montgomery 'needed some help' with postpartum depression
According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, postpartum depression is moderate to severe depression in a woman after she has given birth, which may occur soon after delivery or up to a year later. Lang-Montgomery said she thought it was a “no … Read more on Flagler College Gargoyle

Postpartum Depression's Lingering Toll
This model, which mimics many features of human depression through the use of social stress, can be used to develop improved preventative measures and treatments. 2. We were surprised at several of the results. The increase in stress-related … Read more on WBUR

Local woman shares battle with postpartum depression
Schwartz now knows she was suffering from postpartum depression, a mood disorder that affects about 10 to 15 percent of new mothers in the first year of their baby's life. "And when you're in … "It's just a matter of getting treatment, finding help … Read more on MyFox Atlanta

The [ ] Collapse
He talks of the postpartum depression writers get when they send their little midget offspring into the world, and how he'll cure himself by diving back into the work. Chances are, then, on that morning in March, the day the Italian novel is due … Read more on Pacific Northwest Inlander