Going Into Childrens Hospital for Eating Disorders?

Question by Megan: Going into childrens hospital for eating disorders?
I have a few questions about what it will be like. I’m 14.
1. What will everyday life be like?
2. How long will they keep me?
3. Will i be allowed to keep my phone?
4. Will i be allowed to wear my own clothes, bring makeup, etc.?
5. What will everyday activities consist of?
6. Is it going to boring?
7. Are they going to follow me to the bathroom to make sure i don’t vomit?

I’m just scared..

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Answer by Gabby
that all depends on what hospital, and what type of eating disorder you have. They all have rules and when you break them it CAN make your stay longer. They will be checking your vitals daily and you will most likely be on a heart moniter (depending on how bad you are)

when i was in one it was like this:
there are 3 phases
phase 1
cant get out of bed and feeding tube. no showers and cant to go bathroom without wheel chair. No walking. If you dont eat 100% of your meal then you have to drink a nutrition shake like ensure, if you refuse then you get it tube feed to you.

phase 2:
same as phase 1 only you may walk to bathroom and take showers sitting, with your heart moniter on and supervised by a nurse.

phase 3:
same as phase 1 and 2 only:
may walk around room (still have to have heart moniter on)
may go on wheel chair outings around the hospital. Sometimes (depending on heart health.) you will get to go on short walks.

most people stay for about 2 weeks where i went if you ate all your food and your vitals got better. however, I was very underweight and sick so i was there acually the longest anyone had ever been there before, about 9 weeks.

I would love to talk to you more and support you anyway i can. please email me its gabbykorn45@gmail.com

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