Does Anyone Know of a Drug Rehab Center in Kitts Hill, Ohio?

Question by Allison: Does anyone know of a drug rehab center in Kitts Hill, Ohio?
Hello! I’m Allison. I’m looking for a drug rehab center for my boyfriend. He has a problem with beanies – before I thought he was cheating on me but then I discovered that he’s just into drugs. I know I should have left him months ago but I just can’t – I love him, what can I do? Now I’m looking for a drug rehab center, preferably in Kitts Hill, Ohio, because he agreed to enter. Help us, will you? Thanks.

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Answer by Christie L

go to that link

What are beanies? I’m an addict in recovery, have not used in over 2 years.

Until he can get to detox/rehab, please go to NA meetings. Here’s their number 1 800-922-6587 24 hrs. or look up narcotics

Answer by Pink08
It is really up to him to get the help. Maybe he doesn’t want to get off the beanies. Check with your local AA and find out what treatment centers are nearby. They should have a list of all rehab centers in Ohio.

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