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Freedom Center Denver – Drug/Alcohol Treatment Process – Freedom Center is an outpatient program working with men and women to help them replace addictive practices with self-mastery so that dependency is transformed into empowerment. Since 2000, Freedom Center has helped over 1000 people successfully gain control of their addictions and their lives. Ours is the only program combining the new neuroscience technology with proven treatment practices. The Freedom Center is a premier outpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatment program in Colorado that approaches treatment from a health-minded, holistic view. The Freedom Center’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers a practical, straightforward wellness model that works to achieve long term, successful recovery. Aftercare, a weekly group meeting for IOP graduates, is offered as part of The Freedom Center IOP. Graduates can attend for one full year following IOP graduation. The meetings are 1 ½ hours in length and provide additional on-going recovery support and educational opportunities. Our Aftercare program supports participants in the continued integration of wellness and recovery strategies into their day-to-day lives creating a greater life experience free from addiction.


Turning the page on 2012

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April 13: A Lyon County District Court judge will consider a motion by the American Medical Association and the Minnesota Medical Association to file a brief as friends of the court in a lawsuit brought against Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center on …
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Hopes for fiscal cliff deal fade

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In a sense, this is wonderful – Yet, it means that limited funds are available for research and treatment of diseases that affect children and those with many many years of life ahead of them, or indeed for other social goods such as education. There …
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Five Facts To Know About Sarin Gas

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Free Syrian Army fighters pose after capturing the Military Infantry School in Aleppo Dec. 16, 2012. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) … It was first developed in 1938 in Germany as a pesticide, according to the Center for Disease Control. Sarin is made by …
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