Eating Disorder Help — 3 TIPS to Go From ‘Day One’ of Recovery to a LIFETIME of FREEDOM!


Eating Disorder Help — 3 TIPS to go from ‘Day One’ of Recovery to a LIFETIME of FREEDOM! – We’ve all done it… promised ourselves that tomorrow would be different… comitted to a whole new life of heath freedom and self-love starting tomorrow… oops messed up again, OK tomorrow then… oops there I go again. WHY CAN’T I JUST STOP!! WHY CAN’T I BREAK FREE FROM MY EATING DISORDER!! In this video I share with you THREE TIPS that will help you turn day one of your FREEDOM journey… into a LIFETIME of FREEDOM… AND I chew a ridiculous amount of gum to try and give you a cool visual… check it out 😉 Luv, Shan PS The gum in this video made me gag but I needed it as a PROP to teach a specific TIP (and NO it is NOT about chewing gum to help with cravings.) The gum was a ‘health gum’ flavoured with xylitol and was supposed to taste like ‘green tea’… yeah NOT. It tasted like BUM! So please watch this video so at least I know chewing it did something GOOD FOR YOU… since a picture is worth a thousand words 😉


Could this teenager have an eating disorder?

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If he admits to needing some help, she should encourage Marcus to see his GP (or she can do so on his behalf if he refuses but she still feels she has grounds for concern) or to seek help from one of the eating disorder charities, such as Beat or ABC.
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