Florida Alcohol Rehab Center | Do I Use Alcohol to Avoid Reality?


Florida Alcohol Rehab Center | Do I Use Alcohol To Avoid Reality? – http://floridaalcoholrehabcenter.com/ Florida Alcohol Rehab Center Christian Counselor Dr. Fleming answers the question “Do I Use Alcohol To Avoid Reality?” …


McLean Hospital looks to Camden's Fox Hill for alcohol, drug rehab center
(8) Residential treatment facilities for comprehensive alcohol and related drug treatment programs providing concurrent treatment for addiction and/or other associated psychiatric disorders Such residential treatment facilities shall contain a minimum … Read more on PenBayPilot.com

Lohan pleads no contest to reckless driving, gets 90 days in rehab
Best known for her hit films such as "The Parent Trap," "Freaky Friday" and "Mean Girls," Lohan has seen her career eclipsed in recent years by her legal woes and battles with drug and alcohol addiction. She was most recently seen in the critically … Read more on UPI.com

Worker secures authorization for substance abuse rehabilitation
… until she successfully completed an inpatient substance abuse program. The JCC granted authorization for substance abuse rehabilitation. Under Florida law, disability due to the acceleration or aggravation of a disease caused by habitual use of … Read more on Workers Comp Forum