Figuring Out the Symptoms of Depression Using Personality Tests.


Figuring out the Symptoms of Depression using personality tests. – Kwenda – Women Slaves Of War: Depression Symptoms Decoded: Blood and Venom, Rise of t…


5 Tips to Live Well with Epilepsy
Those with epilepsy can experience fatigue and symptoms of depression. Getting regular, moderate amounts of exercise will improve overall physical health and fitness. An added benefit of exercise is that it indirectly boosts self-esteem – keeping mood … Read more on

Pa. drug official: Adderall use harmful without prescription
Stout said a doctor should look into a person's family history, symptoms of attention disorder and childhood history, and should rule out any other underlying conditions such as depression or anxiety. A full questionnaire takes a long time. When Lou … Read more on Centre Daily Times

First-Year Residents Reporting More Errors, Not Enough Sleep Despite Cut in
Despite the cut in hours, residents are not getting more sleep, and are reporting more errors and symptoms of depression, according to Time. A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine compared two groups of interns: one group that was on call every … Read more on D Healthcare Daily