Charis Ranch – West Texas


Charis Ranch – West Texas – Charis Ranch is gathering public support for a teen wellness residential program aimed at helping teens through troubled times. Please take a moment to view …


The Many Faces of Eating Disorders – UCSD Guardian
It's this inclination that UCSD professor and clinical therapist Danielle Beck-Ellsworth, who teaches a class on the psychology of eating disorders, says that diseases at the other end of the spectrum — anorexia nervosa, bulimia and binge eating … Read more on The UCSD Guardian Online

'The Inner Saboteur: Denial and Resistance'
… chemical addictive disorders, eating addiction, and coexisting mental and personality disorders for almost 30 years, teaching seminars and leading certification trainings for health care professionals, therapists and counselors across the United … Read more on Morning Star

Model Scouts Are Looking At An Eating Disorder Clinic To Find New Recruits
Countless models have told the tale of walking in a mall when suddenly they're being approached by a model scout and then, in an instant, they're whisked off into a life of champagne filled glamour. Well, replace mall with an eating disorder clinic and … Read more on The Atlanta Post