Evaluation of the Health Risks to Garment Workers in the City of Xambrê-PR, Brazil.

Evaluation of the health risks to garment workers in the city of Xambrê-PR, Brazil.

Work. 2012; 41 Suppl 1: 5647-9
Sant’ana MA, Kovalechen F

This study evaluated the risks for cardiovascular disease and the life habits of garment industry workers in northwestern Paraná state, Brazil. The following parameters were assessed: body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness, eating habits and physical activities by garment industry workers. Cardiovascular risk was observed in some of the studied subjects, in the form of high BMI and reduced maximal oxygen uptake. The development of a workplace quality-of-life program is suggested, aiming to stimulate the development of physical activities to improve the cardiovascular conditioning of workers. HubMed – eating