Erectile Dysfunction?

Question by plastiK: Erectile Dysfunction?

when I first got with my ex boyfriend in September, every time we tried to have sex, he could get it up, & we could go at it for quite a while, but every time he’d “lose it”. He found this really embarrassing, however the problem ceased after a month or so.

Four months later, we’re broken up. However a little over a week ago he came to my house & we ended up having sex, and there were no problems at all.

But I was with him again last night & we had sex three times, but each time he lost it mid-way through the sex, and he felt really embarrassed about it and says he feels guilty towards me because he can’t satisfy my needs. 😛 bless.

I’ve researched Erectile Dysfunction on google & I think it’s probably a psychological problem.

“# nerves – especially about performing”
I don’t think he’s nervous, because he’s very confident about his abilities. 😛

“# guilt – notably if you’re trying to have sex with somebody else’s wife”
I was thinking guilt might be a problem – he knows I still want to be with him, but he doesn’t want a proper relationship at the moment, & he might worry that he’ll be giving me the wrong idea by having sex with me?

“# relationship problems – especially if you’re no longer keen on your partner”
same as above, we’re not together anymore. but he’s assured me he’s ‘keen’ on me – he just isn’t ready for a serious relationship at the moment.

“# latent gayness – for instance, if you’re a basically gay guy, trying to have sex with a woman”
he’s definitely not gay 😛

“# depression”
he’s never showed any signs of depression.

“# exhaustion.”
he does do ridiculous hours at work, but he had the weekend off so he wouldn’t have been very exhausted.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks 🙂
* he doesn’t drink a lot, he drinks about as much as the next person generally.

Although the second time we tried this weekend, we’d both had a can of lager each, but that doesn’t explain the first time. 😛
** he doesn’t smoke or take drugs either. he wants to see a doctor but he’s too nervous & embarrassed and isn’t entirely sure what to say.

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Answer by MICHAEL
Sounds like the problem could be physical. He could have a blood flow problem or something like a varicocele. He should see his Urologist and get checked out.

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