Endogenous Depression: Endogenous Depression – What Exactly You Need to Do to Cure It

Endogenous depression is caused by the chemical imbalance in the brain, and this only exists as some hypothetical idea. There are many people around the world that have experienced endogenous depression without an emotional precursor. However, this is an unrecorded and rare occurrence, but has become the number one subject which is inspiring research.

This specific type of depression is what is used to describe patients who don’t respond to medicines. Endogenous is the term given to the depression that has no source or cause. This means that the depression was not caused by a circumstance or event, or a specific time in your life, but rather a condition that has surfaced and appeared out of nowhere.

Endogenous depression is also known to some people as biological-depression. This is considered to have genetic fingerprints. Biological depression can be treated with medication in the beginning although lifestyle and cognitive interventions play a major role.

If you have heard of endogenous depression then you have probably heard about reactive depression. Reactive depression is a condition that is caused when there is a problem in a relationship, death in the family, a job change or life changing event and insomnia. People that do not respond to antidepressants and other medication are known as reactive depression.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you if you wake up one morning and find yourself depressed. It is also not your fault when you have no reason why you are depressed. Endogenous depression is a condition that many cannot explain and many cannot find the cause for. There are many people that suffer from mild endogenous depression. It is these people that don’t have to go out and seek medical help. However, there are many people that do not want to admit that they are sick. These people find that although they are suffering they continue to go about their normal everyday life, but what they don’t notice is that their enjoyment decreases and the effort they put in to certain things requires more. They feel like they are hopeless to the world and people don’t need them, and they will also go as far as to say that people wouldn’t miss them if they were gone.

Depression can very easily lead to suicide if it is not seen to immediately. Don’t wait until your depression has got you to a stage where you no longer wish to live. Get help as soon as you can. You should consider assistance from natural medication as well as engage in some exercise, like taking long walks in the sun. You will enjoy this and it will also give you a bit of energy. It is important for you to get out when you are feeling down, even though you feel like sitting in a dark room all alone. If you do, that will only make your situation worse.

You need to get out there and go out with some friends, but most importantly you need to find the natural medication that works for you. You don’t want chemical sleeping tablets or anti depressants. You want everything to be natural.

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