Endogenous Depression: Can Life Experiences Cause Endogenous Depression?

Endogenous depression occurs from within the body, which means there is no visible or apparent cause for it. According to studies, endogenous depression is a genetic form. Chemical imbalances inside the brain might be the cause in an individual. It can affect you at any age level. Much like all the other types of depression endogenous depression is also more susceptible to women than men. Other causes be improper nutrition. It can be severe or mild depending upon the symptoms and individual suffering from it. Following are some of the symptoms:

1. Sufferer may become unhealthy.

2. Sufferer prefers isolation from society.

3. Insomnia is another symptom. Insomnia causes sleepiness or disruptive sleep.

4. Difficulty in concentrating.

5. Restlessness and fatigue all most entire day.

6. No interest at all in enjoyable activities.

7. The performance at work dips down significantly.

8. Sufferer might exhibit suicidal tendencies; in fact suicidal tendencies may be more in this type.

9. Diminished interest in sexual intercourse.

10. Irritation or anger without reason, sufferer very often gets irritated or angry.

If you find yourself suffering from majority of the above listed symptoms, then you need to check with your family doctor or specialist. If it is identified, proper treatment plan would be prepared by the specialist. Most of the specialists will prescribe medication as the best method to get over this type of depression.

It can also be treated at home as well. All you need to do is do regular one hour exercise daily, have a proper diet, cut short on alcohol, take part in social activities, go to your friends once a week at least, be more confident in your approach, deep breathing and meditation will also help big way. If it does not go well with you, then you can go for the prescribed medication method. As per various studies, it has been proved that “Life experiences do not cause endogenous depression”.

The cause has nothing to do with painful life events such as losing your loved ones, losing your job, environmental changes, personal relationships or any other lovable things, etc. The causes are: Genetic, biological and chemical imbalances of serotonin level in the brain. You can visit a psychiatrist if you feel there is a certain life event that is causing depressive state of mind in you. Specialist will easily diagnose you with the type of depression you are suffering from and will recommend the proper treatment plan.

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