ED Treatment Day 1 Journal


ED Treatment Day 1 Journal – The journal entry I wrote after my first day of treatment at the eating disorder clinic. Note: I find it amusing that I had no clue I was actually anorexic. …


Private care 'last resort' for some eating disorder patients
Dr. Louis Ludwig, director of the HSC's Adult Eating Disorder Program, says research shows a significant proportion of patients with eating disorders use vegan and vegetarian behaviour as a reason to avoid food, and it's all part of their eating disorder. Read more on CBC.ca

Eating disorder patients waiting up to a year for care
Some people living with eating disorders are waiting up to a year for treatment in Manitoba, but the province's health minister hopes an injection of funding will shorten the wait list. Jessica Cuddy, 22, was one of almost 60 people on a one-year … Read more on CBC.ca