Eating Disorders, Self-Image and Self-Esteem Educational Video PSA


Eating Disorders, Self-Image And Self-Esteem Educational Video PSA – Eating Disorders and Self-Image Video PSA. Courtesy of the National Eating Disorder Information Centre; The National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) is a Canadian, non-profit organization, established in 1985 to provide information and resources on eating disorders and weight preoccupation. Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyles that allow people to be fully engaged in their lives. If you, or someone you know, is struggling with an eating disorder or is preoccupied with weight and dieting, please read our Give & Get Help section for valuable information and resources. There are many different kinds of food and weight preoccupations, including eating disorders. This section aims at de-mystifying issues relating to dieting, food, weight concerns, shape concerns, self-esteem and body image. To do so, we will be looking at those influences that most contribute to how we feel about our selves and our bodies, and that ultimately can help us make healthier choices for more enjoyable lives. Body image is the mental picture you have of your body – what it looks like, what you believe about it, and how you feel about your body. Self-esteem is the “real” opinion you have of yourself. how you value and respect yourself as a person. Your self-esteem has a direct effect on how you take care of yourself, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Self-esteem and body image also exert influences on each other – it is hard to feel good about yourself if you hate your body


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Ronald W. Pilling: Some behaviors should be red flags for mental illness

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