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Am I Depressed? – Depression Help by DepressionHero – Are you asking yourself; Am I depressed? Do you want to get depression help? ? If you do, then join me on the journey to discovering how to deal with depression through simple depression self-help tips that I used to beat depression. Are you wondering what the causes of depression are? Perhaps you want to know what the depression definition is. For me, depression was about feeling like a failure, beating myself up, having low energy, and not even realizing that I was depressed. What did it take for me to cure depression? Well, the first thing was accepting that I was depressed and then getting help. You may think that you have no way to get out of depression. I can tell you that taking antidepressants is not the cure. Antidepressant side effects are horrible and they are really just a band-aide solution. To figure out how to treat depression, you need to find the desire within yourself to fight depression. My name is Omar Faith and this video is about steps to heal depression. Doctors say that we have a chemical imbalance in the brain. Well, I can tell you that the chemical imbalance theory is not based on any scientific proof. Unlike blood sugar tests for diabetes, there are no tests for serotonin deficiencies. The first step to healing depression is to find the motivation, the desire to accept the depression challenge by discovering the lessons of depression. The tools I provide will help you discover how to stop depression and the feelings of low


Yoga May Help Depression, Sleep Problems

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The review, which examined results from 16 well-designed studies of yoga's effect on mental illness, concluded that yoga may have positive effects for people with depression and sleep complaints even if they don't take medication, as well as for people …
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For 19 million people affected by depression magnet therapy may help

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"It's an FDA-approved treatment for treating patients with depression who have failed at least one or more anti-depressants," said Dr. Dhiren Patel, a psychiatrist at Solace Counseling in Frisco. Patel said TMS represents a shift away from medications …
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