Eating Disorder Treatment Centers: How to Identify the Best Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

If you have an eating disorder and have realized that you need specialized treatment, how would you choose amongst all the available eating disorder treatment centers, because there are so many of them out there? Of course they are all in business and will say as they advertise their services that they offer the best level of care, but you need to know what to look for so that indeed you can choose a facility that will work for you as well as one which will not cost you too much. Here are some key things that will guide you to know if you are making a good decision.

1. Testimonials are everything

If a place is good, it usually is. It’s no different for eating disorder treatment centers. If people say good things about a center, it’s most likely because they (or someone they know) received great service and it generally worked for them. If you hear negative comments, better to steer clear. Sometimes you get to hear both good and bad things and then it gets confusing, but it doesn’t need to be; just do a little bit more digging, visit them if you have to, ask them about the negative things that you have heard and see for yourself. That’s the best way to make judgement.

2. Check how much treatment is given

Most of us know that our eating disorders are psychologically rooted. This means that they are in your mind and you need to deal with that. Unfortunately, pills are not the answer. There may some special cases or conditions where you might be prescribed a few pills, but you should never admit yourself into a center where they use pills to try and get rid of your eating disorder.

3. The level of care offered

How long does it take for someone to respond to something that you have asked for? How prompt are they with meals and other exercises? How ready are they to take care of you should you get hurt as you exercise? These little questions may not seem like much, but they tell you a lot about the level of care that’s offered in a treatment center of any kind. The better the level of care, the better a place will be. You may have to pay more, but it’s worth it; there is nothing as bad as trying to get rid of a disorder with the people around you treating you badly.

4. Know the exact therapies that they offer

Make sure you ask them exactly how they plan to help you kick your eating disorder. You need to know what methods they will use. And once you find out, set out to know as much as you can about these methods. There are 2 advantages to this. One is that you will understand exactly what they are doing with your body and that knowledge is empowering – you will want to cooperate even better for them to help you lose or gain weight. The second advantage of knowing is that they can never do anything on you that you don’t like or are not familiar with. If it was not part of the program, you have the right to say no; otherwise they should explain exactly why they have changed from what they promised initially.

5. Insurance

Make sure that you get a center that’s covered by your medical insurance as these kinds of procedures don’t come cheap.

There are many other things to consider when choosing eating disorder treatment centers but these first few will help you eliminate the really low rate ones so that you can be left to sift through the better of the lot.

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