Eating Disorder? Please Help!?

Question by Stephanie: eating disorder? please help!?
hi i’m a 15 year old girl who is very thin for someone with my height. i’ve never purged or starved myself but i have some thoughts about not liking my weight. but i’ve been noticing a change in my eating habits. i feel like i always need to eat and when i do eat i feel like i’m full but i still want to keep eating. i feel like i’m binging but i wanted to know if just binging is an eating disorder and why people typically do it. i’ve only heard of binging and purging but i wanted to know if binge eating alone is an eating disorder

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Answer by Santa Clause
Smoke weed and you won’t worry about it, plus you’ll know when to eat.

Answer by Jaycee Williams
yes it is. this is almost as bad for you as anorexia or bulimia, just listen to your body

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