Bipolar Support Groups?

Question by ArtBlueGroundhog: Bipolar support groups?
I live in Michigan and my mum has gotten VERY down. She was born with bi polar and suffers depression. So on top of her bipolar, she is suffering depressino along with it. My mum is so wonderful and she has given me so much. I don’t want to see her suffer any more because she deserves to much more.

I tried looking on the internet typing ” bipolar support groups” but couldn’t find anything. Is there any websites you can send be to go to so I could find a bipolar support group in michigan? Please and thank you so much 🙂

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Answer by Novashaye
try searching manic depression, its part of bi polar or call your local hospital for more info

Answer by maitraya have listings online has support groups online for bipolar and other disorders and their families

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