Eating Disorder Information?

Question by Cheech: eating disorder information?
i am bulimic. my boyfriend is anorexic. both of our parents have found out; my parents watch me AFTER meals and his watch him DURING meals.
we were thinking of switching disorders…
i would train him to be bulimic and he would train me to be anorexic.
of course, we would be letting some food digest; we’re experts in this category now.

i went to a treatment facility and found out that people convert disorders all the time.
i wanted to know if converting disorders is something that can be LEARNED, or if it’s a brain/emotional function that links the person to that specific disorder.

what makes people convert disorders is my main question…??

i would please just like my question answered, we’ve had enough “scolding”
Jane, you’re a sweetheart.
for your information we’ve both tried to commit suicide numerous times; it comes with the eating disorder territory.
right now we’re each others support system and we’re both doing our best just to keep the other alive. after we get through with that, we’ll work on the eating.
(we’re both on meds and are stabilizing them)
thank you Hannah as well.
i’ll be sure to tell him and i’ll definately reconsider living since you’ve showed me we’re pathetic and hopeless.

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Answer by Answer 🙂
It is probably possible, but it will be hard to change your habits.

Answer by Jane
i think that you should stop making yourself throw up and your boyfriend should start eating. converting disorders is completely useless and you should both quit. your both starving yourself and you should just shoot yourself in the head to get it over with. also, it probably could be learned.

p.s. there doesn’t need to be air quotes around scolding.

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