Drug Rehab Places in Illlinois With No Insurance?

free rehab centers in illinois
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Question by okalie dokalie: drug rehab places in illlinois with no insurance?
Looking for a rehab place in illinois that you don’t have to have insurance for, my boyfriend really needs to go to rehab but they wont accept him because he has no insurance. So what are his options then, anyone no any free or low costly rehab centers in illinois…please help

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Answer by lizardklutzz
with no insurance in teh U.S you are pretty much hopeless if you are apart of a church ask for help so he can get treatment and go to free clinic so they can offer help

good luck ?

Answer by Dr. Kunz is a FRAUD!
Let me tell ya, rehab is spendy!

For a good rehab clinic, you’re looking at between 5-10k- cash- for 6 months of treatment.

Generally you have to pay cash up front per visit.
If money is an issue, he should see a doctor. Depending on what he’s addicted to they can give him something for the withdrawal. Opiates? RX? Meth? Cocaine? That would help knowing what he’s addicted to as your options will slightly differ based on what he is using.

There is always the tried and true Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Those are free.

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